Design Review Process


           The Design Guidelines have been established to protect and enhance the value of property within The Bridges Golf Course Community. The objective is to provide criteria for appropriate architecture that encourages creativity in design within a theme indigenous to western Colorado.  These guidelines will promote quality construction with buildings that are creatively designed, using mandated materials, building heights and sizes, site planning and architectural features, so that they merge, preserve and blend with their natural mountain surroundings.  Preservation of views for surrounding properties is also a consideration.  

The Design Review Board (DRB)  will review you home plans and materials  in a timely manner.  The review process takes place in four steps: 
1)  Preliminary Design Review; 2)  Final Design Review; 3)  Contruction Monitoring;
and  4)  Construction Compliance Review. 

The review process can be expidited if the submissions recieved by the committee are complete along with a digital copy of your plans that can be emailed to the committee members

Prior to the start of construction, property owners must submit their home
plans to the Design Review Board for review and approval. 

The guidlines can be accessed online by clicking the link below. 
The Application Package can also be accessed by clicking the link below and contains the following:  1)  Instructions;  2)  Builder Application;  3)  Builder Instruction on Storm Water Discharge;  4)  Prelimiary Review Checklist & Application;  5)  Final Review Checklisst & Application.

Design Guidelines              Application Package 

Both the Guidelines and Applications Package can be printed from this site as well.