Please see below for our 2019 Golf Schedule of Events.

(Dates and Formats are subjected to change.)


23rd- Spring Swing Two Person Scramble


13th- Spring Skins Game 

15th & 16th- Golf Course Aeration- All Day


1st- Wednesday Ladies League- 9am Start

1st- Match Play Championship Deadline (Thompson Cup Race Restarts)

4th- Member/Member Tournament 

7th- Official Start of Tuesday Night League (TNL)- 5:30pm Shotgun

8th-Wednesday Ladies League- 9am Start

10th- Alpine Bank Scramble

14th- TNL-Round 2- 5:30pm Shotgun

15th-Wednesday Ladies League- 9am Start

18th & 19th- The Bridges Open Championship 

21st- TNL- Round 3-5:30pm Shotgun

22nd-Wednesday Ladies League- 9am Start

28th- TNL- Round 4- 5:30pm Shotgun

29th-Wednesday Ladies League- 9am Start


1st- Rosebud Invitational

4th- TNL- Round 5- 5:30pm Shotgun

5th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

8th- Alliance for Veterans Tournament 

11th- TNL- Round 6-5:30pm Shotgun

12th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

17th- Bridges Pro-Am

18th- TNL- Round 7- 5:30pm Shotgun

19th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

25th- TNL- Round 8- 5:30pm Shotgun

26th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start


2nd- TNL - Round 9-5:30pm Shotgun

3rd-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

4th- Independence Day Special & Game

9th- TNL- Round 10- 5:30pm Shotgun

10th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

16th-TNL-Round 11- 5:30pm Shotgun

17th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

23rd- TNL- Round 12- 5:30pm Shotgun

24th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

30th- TNL- Round 13- 5:30pm Shotgun

31st-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start


6th- TNL- Round 14- 5:30pm Shotgun

7th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

8th-10th -Member- Guest Invitational (Last chance to receive 2019 Thompson Cup Points)

13th- TNL- Round 15- 5:30pm Shotgun

14th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start

17th- Annie Open

19th-20th- Course Aeration- (No TNL or Wednesday Ladies League)

27th- TNL- Round 16- 5:30pm Shotgun

28th-Wednesday Ladies League- 8am Start


7th & 8th- Men's and Ladies Club Championship 

28th- San Juan Health Care Foundation Scramble 


Sept. 30 & Oct. 1st.- Thompson Cup at The Bridges (Tentitive Date)      


2nd- Halloween Scramble & Party

9th- Fall Skins Game