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Bridges Men's Club

The Bridges has fun and active Men's Club.  You will come to find that our Men's Club is both unique and active on and off the golf course. The Men's Club has plenty of opportunities to play from our traditional Club Championship to our fun and quirky Tuesday Night League games.  We hope to see you soon!


2021 BMGA Weekly Schedule

1st - Icebreaker
4th - TNL- Round 1- 5:30pm Shotgun- 2-Man Scramble
8th - Saturday Game- #1
11th - TNL- Round 2- 5:30pm Shotgun- 2-Man Best Ball
15th - Saturday Game- #2
18th - TNL- Round 3- 5:30pm Shotgun- Weaver Game
22nd -23rd - Bridges Open 2-Man
25th - TNL- Round 4- 5:30pm Shotgun- TC Alternate Shot
29th - Saturday Game- Round 3
1st - TNL- Round 5- 5:30pm Shotgun- 3 person- 1 Net on Odd/ 2 Net on Even
5th – Saturday Game- Round 4
8th - TNL- Round 6- 5:30pm Shotgun- Daytona
12th – No Saturday Game- Concert
15th - TNL- Round 7- 5:30pm Shotgun- TBD
19th - No Saturday Game- Freedom Festival Tournament
22nd - TNL- Round 8- 5:30pm Shotgun- Modified Scramble
26th – Saturday Game- Round 5
29th - TNL- Round 9- 5:30pm Shotgun- TC Alternate Shot
3rd – Saturday Game- Round 6
4th – Flag Game- Team Game + BBQ + Fireworks
6th - TNL - Round 10-5:30pm Shotgun- Magical Tee Boxes
10th – Saturday Game- Round 7
13th – TNL – Round 11- 5:30 Shotgun- TBD
17th No Saturday Game- Hope West Tournament
20th - TNL-Round 12- 5:30pm Shotgun- Chapman
24th- Saturday Game- Round 8
27th - TNL- Round 13- 5:30pm Shotgun- Shamble
31st – Saturday Game- Round 9
3rd – No TNL- AJGA Tournament
7th - Saturday Game- Round 9
10th - TNL- Round 14- 5:30pm Shotgun- The Weaver Game
12th -14th -Member- Guest Invitational
17th - TNL- Round 15- 5:30pm Shotgun- Copper Challenge
21st – No Saturday Game- Annie Open Tournament
23rd – 24th – Course Aeration- No TNL
28th – Saturday Game-Round 10
31st – TNL- Round- 16- 5:30pm Shotgun- TBD
4th – Saturday Game- Round 11
7th – TNL- Round- 17- 5:30pm Shotgun- TBD
11th – 12th – Men’s and Ladies Club Championship
14th – TNL- Round- 18- 5:00pm Shotgun- TBD
18th- No Saturday Game- Western Co. Contractors Tournament
21st - TNL- Round 19- 5:00pm Shotgun- TC Alternate Shot
25th – No Saturday Game- Rosebud Tournament
28th- TNL- Round 20- 5:00pm Shotgun- Trifecta (Alt/ BB/ Scramble)
2nd – Member-Member- 27 Hole Trifecta
5th - TNL- Round 21- 5:00pm Shotgun+ Year-end Banquet


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